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Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast is definitely the Beach Capital of Australia.
Right here, about an hour drive from Brisbane, you can see Australia from your dreams - endless beaches, skyscrapers, sunshine and quite warm ocean all year round.
Surfers Paradise is the largest city on the Gold Coast. The city development skyrockets at 1950's, when it has changed the name to catchy "Surfers Paradise".

From the airplane you can see an awesome 70 km long white sand beach, bays and lakes, and skyscrapers by the ocean.

On Surfers Paradise, like on many other beaches in Australia you can spot red and yellow flags with lifesavers on duty. It is safe to swim between flags.
Lifesavers also provides safety information: "Caution: flash rips, dumping waves, strong sweep, shallow sand bank. Low tide: 6:40, high tide 12:00". Water temperature 19' C." As for me, 19' C is not too cold for July - the middle of Australian winter!

Lifeguard service information
Lifeguard service information
Sign: surfing allowed from the left
Sign: surfing allowed from the left
Lifesaver's surfboard

Surfer's monument. The surfing became driving force for the city development.

Nice and modern shopping centre, just like in any Australian city.

Surfers paradise at night
Surfers paradise at night
Convertible is a nice way to cruise Gold Coast
Convertible is a nice way to cruise Gold Coast
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