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Surf Fishing

On our first surf-fishing trip we went to Bemm River, 400km east from Melbourne. This place is a well-known fishing paradise in Victoria, you catch Australian Salmon here.
We set up our tents at the caravan park close to river.

Surf fishing requires special gear, you need a long rod and strong water-proof boots. You need to throw the hook quite far away to the surf, to make sure the ocean will not return it to the beach immediately.
The fishing looks quite funny. You wait until the waves rolled back, run into the water, throw the hook, and quickly run back before the waves will catch you. If you are not quick enough and the water gets into your high boots, you are in trouble because the wet heavy boots will drag you in the ocean.

-"I can see the fish!"
-"I can see the fish!"

Strong underwater currents drags the rod from your hands, you need to hold it really steady. It seems the fish is biting all the time - but it's just the underwater currents.
We were not too lucky - not a single bite...

After unsuccessful day, I went to take pictures of sunrise. It was dark on the beach, and the the first patches of light appears on the sky.

Just before the sunrise fishermen came to the beach. They definetely knew when and how to fish here.

When the sun rises, the fish starts to bite. There was one bite after another, and the fishermen caught 5 big salmons in half an hour.
Australian salmon
Australian salmon

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Posting 1156 by matt

Tuesday December 06th, 2005 12:00 PM

bemm river

bemm river is a sick as place to fish visit there
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